About damn time

I suppose it was inevitable; as a VC I research and think about trends, I have opinions, and I often share them. But I’ve always been too busy with the day job to actually blog about them.  I’ve written some stuff in lieu of blogging over at Venturebeat over the past few years, but I figured now that everyone is twittering instead of writing blogs, I could comfortably hop on the last bandwagon.

When I finished up at MIT and moved over to Paris to start my career, I satisfied a budding desire to write (and poke fun at friends) by making a pre-Onion newsletter called the Grim Times, so I thought it was an appropriate moniker to start with. As I’m coming up on my 20th reunion, I can now start it up once again, but more in line with what I like to write about today (especially as my friends now mostly have respectable careers, families, etc. and are less amenable to rude satire at their expense).

So expect mostly musings on technology, wireless in particular. I promise to keep politics mostly out of it but no promises . . .


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