WiMax RIP – Clearwire is definitely joining the LTE bandwagon

Between comments last week at CTIA and the 3GPP approval request to use their spectrum for TD-LTE, it is now only a matter of time before all of the mobile WiMax players hop on board the LTE train. Economies of scale are just too big to ignore.

So although there will still be fragmentation at the OS layer, we are finally, finally moving toward a common RAN platform. No more religious wars in wireless – could it be possible?

As pretty as that new EVO WiMax phone is, I wouldn’t buy one unless you plan to chuck it out in a year or so . . .

(D') Evo - Pretty, short shelf life


2 thoughts on “WiMax RIP – Clearwire is definitely joining the LTE bandwagon

  1. Geda

    lol.You dont really think Clearwire will abandon Wimax do you? They are adding LTE not subtracting Wimax.Evo will live on for sure.

    1. Paul Post author

      I think they’re hedging their bets, not abandoning it. Lots of mixed signals at the moment about WiMax – Motorola was very bullish today (5K base stations shipped in last 2 qtrs, total of 15K; 40 contracts globally), but yet another WiMax startup bit the dust (Aperto), and Cisco appears to be backing off. Clearwire will continue to aggressively roll out WiMax for the next two years, but want to make sure they have a backup plan if the OEMs abandon ship.


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