The honeymoon’s over AT&T – VZW to get the iPhone in Jan.

For all those sad, sad folks waiting for the quality of their network to match their beautiful iPhone – the wait is almost over. We’ve all seen it coming, and yet postponed for far longer than we thought. But here it is – Verizon is reportedly going to release their iPhone in January 2011.

While this will undoubtedly help boost Apple’s sales in the US, I do think they will have missed a reasonably big chunk of the market to Android by sticking with AT&T for so long. By the time this hits the market, Android will be running on scores of different platforms, some of which will even be powered by 2 GHz processors, for well over 18-24 months. The early teething pains of Android, like the poor UI of the market, scant app offerings and poor battery life, will be a thing of the past.

Which means this will be a much more fair fight between the two OS ecosystems, and we will all benefit as a result –


One thought on “The honeymoon’s over AT&T – VZW to get the iPhone in Jan.

  1. Rich Lee

    Another good report on a key subject of top line phone makers’ influence over the industry as operator influence recedes somewhat, but not completely.

    The iPhone has widely been reported to have “cratered” AT&T’s network, but they are hiring the best people, and are spending ~$19B/year on CAPEX, not exactly chump change. Verizon is extremely high quality and I will never leave it but will it degrade in some proportion with rising smart phone data usage, iPhone or other brands?

    Maybe this portents a new growth story for pico, micro and femto cells. Maybe investment in those areas is the real story here.


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