Bird is the Word – PE Hub on mobile gaming

Chatted with Jon Marino at Thomson Reuters last week on whether 8th graders beating Angry Birds on the app store is a harbinger of things to come – or not:

Clearly mobile gaming will continue to grow, and evolve: the question is whether it will evolve toward more complex, traditional gameplay, location-based “meatspace” (real world) interactivity, or just more and more of the mindless repetition which our collective amygdalas go all haywire for. If the latter, that’s OK; however, the barriers to creation of new hits in this category are so low (see 8th grader above) that I wouldn’t want to invest in one.  If traditional gameplay becomes more common (and smartphones can certainly support it), then more VCs will continue to back seasoned developers to tap the mobile opportunity. The location-based stuff is still early days (mostly limited to check-ins and “SCVNGR hunts”), but I think is the most exciting area to watch –


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